Monday, November 23, 2009

I made an update on this... I just put all part I did time ago together. head and Hair are temporarily. Ok, is look like I model only girl, but there are a lot of old model that I like to complete and almost of this are girls, monsters girls and robot girls... sigh!
Update (December 10th) _ I go little bit ahead whit the model, and now I'm pretty close to complete the suit: I play whit ZBrush for the face (I use Lucy Liu for reference, I like try to model an asian girl) and I was curious to see it whit some temporary texture (the hair are stolen from Dagger). I hope soon to start to work to the hair , the big challenge for this model and start to thinking about the render.


Armando said...

Nuthin' wrong with ladies ~

This looks cool!

Bryan Wynia said...

Great new stuff. I love the shark girl!

Anonymous said...

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Phattro said... dirty old man. I like.

Anonymous said...